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Mauro Gonzalez
Off Page Director,
White Hat Marketing LLC, New York

As the leader of a talented and diverse team in the internet marketing industry i know the best way to make them work hard is to make work efficient. We tested several project centers over the time and sometimes our workers found them to be a punishment rather than a help. When we internally ran a poll which one they preferred to keep as UNIQUE project manager we had 100% agreement: COMINDWORK. Every member of the team chose the same. project center out of the many we tried. Our productivity has increased and the team is much more efficient. Additionally the COMINDWORK team seems to be adding new and great features every week!
Shirley Lin
Creative Director,
Parscale Media LLC, San Antonio, TX

The Comindwork interface helps us stay organized and up to date with our communications between departments and as well with clients. So far our clients have been happy with this interface because it resolves any confusion or miscommunication on their projects. They stay informed and can monitor our progress with their projects at anytime. They can communicate conveniently and easily with all of our team players. Website marketing, design and development is our full time business. It isn’t for most of our clients, so we try to make the process an easy, convenient and productive experience for them. Full story »

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