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Work from anywhere and with any device in secure cloud workspaces
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All-in-one: elegant visibility
of everything for everyone

You start from creating workspaces - Intranet, Client Extranet, CRM or specific projects. You can freely share these workspaces with your co-workers, customers, freelancers or any other collaborators.

Then pick apps for each workspace: issues, sales leads, deals, vacations, documents approvals, wiki, help desk, time tracking, meetings, events, invoices - or create your own app. All apps can be tailored without IT guys.

Now your entire team can use these apps to share files, edit documents, assign tasks, manage projects and collaborate online - in the same shared workspace.

Convenient method to structure communication
in your entire organization
  • Software & Web Development Teams
  • Technology Outsourcing
  • Government, Education
  • Marketing & SEO Agencies
  • Associations, Non-Profits, NGOs
  • Construction, Manufacturing
  • Ad Agencies & Public Relations (PR)
  • Financial Services, Venture Firms
  • ... for any Knowledge-Intensive Organization
  • Professional Services & Consulting Firms
  • Law firms

Commitments = work energy

The best companies go beyond files or data collaboration. Managing people commitments is the right target now. Was this work requested? Did I get the promise? Was my results accepted or rejected? Workers, clients or bosses rarely answer accurately, thus bringing incorrect expectations and distrust. In Comindwork you can always see who requested what, from whom and if the work is promised or done.

Productive work in secure cloud

You can share, edit and retrieve your content securely. We stick to the highest security standards and encrypt all data flows with 256-bit SSL. We store your content in Amazon Cloud duplicated in US and Europe data centers. You can always get full backup of everything. Administrators can configure permissions for entire company, workspace, particular users or guests. Users can change permissions for folders, tasks, data records and even fields.

Work anywhere, host anywhere

Now you can store all your documents and tasks online. This means freedom for your team to work anywhere. Share ideas on the go, review documents in client's office or assign urgent tasks from cafe.

Need Comindwork hosted in private cloud? Due to confidentiality policies or limited by some law? Yes, you can install Comindwork onto own server and still get its full power and all apps.

All you need to manage your tasks effectively

Tasks total & unreads

Easy to play your "commitments game". Immediate visibility what is for you, from whom and for when. No chance to miss or forget anything.

Tasks-tree across projects

Unlike two-level to-dos or tasks, Comindwork provides unlimited depth task-tree to plan and track even complex processes and projects.

Seeing progress is easy

Team can edit progress information or use time-tracking app. You can configure permissions to show hours or just completion percents for clients.

Auto-scheduled workload

The majority of tasks are auto-scheduled across projects to meet priorities, due-dates, dependencies and capacity. You can lock the start and finish dates.

Thousands of organizations rely on Comindwork productivity platform

Our productivity has increased and the team is much more efficient.
Additionally the COMINDWORK team seems to be adding new and great features every week!
Comindwork online project management tool continues to exceed my expectation and is something I share with every company I work with.
Mauro Gonzalez, White Hat Marketing LLC
Marketing Director
The Comindwork interface helps us stay organized and up to date with our communications between departments and as well with clients. So far our clients have been happy with this interface because it resolves any confusion or miscommunication on their projects. They stay informed and can monitor our progress with their projects at anytime. They can communicate conveniently and easily with all of our team players.
Shirley Lin, Parscale Media, LLC
Creative Director
Pay just for one tool: Unlimited free apps
in one cloud platform
  • 10X lower total cost than buying separate tools
  • Train staff and involve clients and freelancers into just one system, instead of many
  • Avoid multiple logins into different systems
  • Stop expensive support and integrations between incompatible systems

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